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The Clair Difference

Extraordinary employees are the difference-maker. Our employees’ creative talents, problem-solving skills and commitment to service are on display at every event and within every project and product. We don’t just work at Clair—we make our life’s work here.

Who is clair global?

We’re the stewards of excellence in the live events and permanent installation industries. Our culture of incredibly hard-working professionals regularly solves “impossible” problems. Our desire to exceed expectations is met only by our unyielding customer service and attention to detail. Our innovation and integrity are the dual spires of our mission to serve. We’re the team you want.

Challenges Accepted

Clair Global's ingenuity in developing solutions for our clients' needs runs without bounds. We're laser-focused on exceeding your expectations for the most demanding projects. Our drive is to continually move our industry forward in creative ways, and our talent and experience allow us to be the most progressive team in the business. We can create nearly anything, so the only question is: what do you want to achieve?

Clair History

Excellence is Born

In 1966, Roy and Gene Clair launch one of the first touring sound companies. From its first local gig, providing sound for the Four Seasons, a demonstrated commitment to excellence is born. The Clair brothers blaze trails with innovative technology showcased at packed concerts.

The Evolution of Sound

Clair Brothers audio expands the touring concert industry by designing, engineering, and manufacturing new consoles, stage monitors, and sound systems. Massive growth continues as Clair supports the biggest names in music domestically and internationally.

International Expansion

We expand our international reach to encompass new outposts in Australia, Europe and Japan and launch into the world of permanent AV systems installation. Continued technological innovation produces some of the highest-output devices yet.

Growth, Trust and Ingenuity

Acquisitions and expansions mark this decade as we establish our Nashville presence and unveil the brand-new i-Series speaker systems that re-establish the sound of excellence. The development of a new sound reinforcement digital processor is a shining highlight of this era.

Globally Renowned & Trusted

A change in name from Clair Brothers to Clair Global underscores an eminent truth that our work covers all corners of the earth. Clair Global unveils innovative WiFi and digital technology. By the middle of this decade, we are the most highly decorated company in the live touring and sound industry.

Broadening Our Advantages

Additional services, including robust backline, video, and WiFi divisions, continue to bolster Clair’s exceptional offerings and advance the capability of live entertainment and production. Partnering with local legend Tait Towers, the inimitable Rock Lititz debuts as one of Clair’s finest collaborations.

Modern Visions, Time-Honored Trust

New acquisitions continue to bolster Clair’s hardworking, creative team of professionals. Integration and virtual technology are but two emerging arenas for growth. Expansion never comes at the cost of experience. Clair boldly strides into the future by keeping focused on the user.

What Can
Clair Global
Achieve for You?

Put more than fifty years of experience to work on your next challenging project. We have the expertise and the leading technology-driven solutions to help you achieve your biggest goals.

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