A Half-Century of Listening

We’re a Tour de Force

The complexity required to ensure clear and consistent sound reaches every seat multiplies when the production plays at a different venue every night. Our 50+ years of experience and relentless commitment to quality ensure that each piece of equipment can deliver that excellence —every day, in every city.

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Experience Where It Counts

Clair Global has built and engineered our own speaker enclosures for half a century. Additionally, our staff technical engineers have countless years of experience on the road. They work tirelessly to provide seamless integration in every possible way. Clair Global is passionate about education, from new road staff to continuing education for seasoned crews. All team members stay current on Clair gear and the latest industry technology.

Welcome to the Family

Clair Global is a family business. When clients work with us, they become part of that growing family. They receive the same quality and service we have delivered to the most successful touring acts. At Clair Global, we prioritize working with each client every step of the way and doing what it takes to make each production a success.

Proven Record

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What Can Clair Global Achieve for You?

Put more than fifty years of experience to work on your next challenging project. We have the expertise and the leading technology-driven solutions to help you achieve your biggest goals.

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