Themed & Immersive

Bringing the Horizon Closer

Solving the Impossible

Themed and immersive entertainment has become a prevalent and highly sought experience. Clair Global's expertise has prepared them for both existing formats and the newest adventures on the horizon. No challenge is too daunting for our energetic team.

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Turning Vision to Reality

We’re accustomed to helping take a project from the conceptual vision to fruition. Our strength is identifying the necessary, tangible steps to bring the “blue sky” design to reality. Theme parks, hotels, restaurants, and other attractions have all utilized our process for incredible results.

The Guests Are #1

Naturally, the guests’ experience is crucial. We keep abreast of the latest trends and technological advancements in gaming and interactivity—virtual reality, augmented reality, motion platforms, interactive environments, and more—to ensure that each guest relates positively to the ultimate vision.

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Utilize the Industry's Best Professionals

Our team has earned its reputation for seamlessly integrating complex technological solutions and full-scale systems within the scope and scale of any environment. What will it achieve for you?

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