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Clair Global’s integration is the necessary bridge from construction to production, leaving no gap between the client concept and the final product that the audience witnesses. Our 30+ years in integration and 50+ in live sound experience sets us apart, particularly in creating consistency in quality across venues and performance spaces.

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Performing Arts Centers

We’re conditioned for performance and deliver project-oriented results for all user groups: ballets, symphonies, orchestras, and dance companies have all performed upon our designed and installed systems. We work diligently with architects and manage projects with precision. Whether the space is a black box, a proscenium theater, a concert hall, or otherwise, we understand the needs.

Live Music Venues

Our touring expertise has taken us to thousands of venues on six continents, so we know what works (and what won’t). We’ll only deliver the best final products to you—with tight scheduling and delivery. We follow industry trends and consistently analyze and research technology to incorporate proven, modern solutions for designed and built systems.

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Our team has earned its reputation for seamlessly integrating complex technological solutions and full-scale systems within the scope and scale of any environment. What will it achieve for you?

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