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Transforming Spaces, Elevating Experiences

Clair Global Integration is dedicated to crafting exceptional experiences through cutting-edge technology. Our mission is to transform your spaces, enabling you to connect with larger and more diverse audiences. In essence, we specialize in venues where people come together, creating unforgettable moments with our expertise.


Performance AV

Though Clair’s history begins with audio, we quickly understood the power well-produced video systems and lighting design provide. Our constant attention to detail and quality is evident in our powerful front-of-house technology and services.

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Spectacular lighting that plays with scenic design and architectural elements? Yes, we can arrange that. From pre-viz to show-stopping effects that bolster the user experience, we’re the experts you need.

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As industry leaders in sound, performance AVL and communications design and installation, we know a thing or two about effective broadcasting, including cable plants, video control, live streaming, and remote mixing. We convey unforgettable live moments into beautiful at-home and on-the-go experiences.

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IT Services

We fully understand the needs of AV and large-content networks. We set ourselves apart from enterprise IT houses by providing converged network solutions and connectivity infrastructure for an environment.

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Audio and video services form many connective tissues that hold together the disparate elements of many installs. Not surprisingly, we’re bona fide experts who have managed and provided such audiovisual services for decades.

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Virtual Environments

To better understand how elements will ultimately appear in a design, we emphasize using cutting-edge virtual, extended, and augmented reality environments. By leveraging these tools, our collaborations are prepared today for the designs of tomorrow’s worlds.

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Steeped in a tradition of harnessing and controlling sound, Clair Global's decades of experience and craftsmanship allow us to optimize the sonic performance within each space.

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Our team has earned its reputation for seamlessly integrating complex technological solutions and full-scale systems within the scope and scale of any environment. What will it achieve for you?

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