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Black Box Music is Now Part of the Clair Global Network

LITITZ, PENNSYLVANIA– APRIL 2022: Executive director of Black Box Music, Thilo “Baby” Goos’ extraordinarily successful touring production business model is taking on new life with a stronger international foundation supporting it, making the company even more attractive to the future needs of live entertainment.


“Goos’ vision to serve the demand for almost everything a touring production needs on one campus has so far, not only been of great attraction for German artists but, has led to worldwide attention and appreciation. The acquisition of the operational event technology business and rehearsal halls by the Clair Global family will create ideal synergy and set the course for future growth of the entire campus,”Toni Scherrer, CEO AudioRent Clair AG stated.


Clair Global's investment in Black Box Music Veranstaltungstechnik (Event Technology), its campus,along with the musical capital of Berlin, in general – the epicenter of German-language live entertainment – is intended to provide existing customers with increased levels of service and build new long-term customer relationships.


“It was Scherrer’s Swiss mentality and the fact that Clair Global is a family business, not controlled by investors, is why I feel more than comfortable with the decision to hand over my “baby,” Goos said.


The management in Berlin will be taken over by Toni Scherrer, Jason Heitmann, Philipp Kaetel from April 1, 2022, and will be active on the market under BBM Clair.


Media contact: Terry Scherrer

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